More To It

I realized I’ve pretty much started this blog off with such a heavy bang, but there’s more to me than that. I’m a lot more uplifting, positive, bubbly, funny, sarcastic, hyper, sweet and… well a lot more than what I’ve posted on so far and I’m new on this blog thing so please feel free to take a seat on the follow button and enjoy the stories/rants and whatever else comes your way from me (: I can promise you won’t be let down! In fact, I’ll even end this with a joke that for some reason… just makes me laugh harder than it should. 


How does Jesus make his tea? 

Hebrews it!!! (ohhhh it just kills me.) 


With all the love in my body,

Whiskeyinateacupp xo


Author: whiskeyinateacupp

Some days I'm raw. Some days I'm sweet. Some days I'm a fighter and other days, I'm a lover. I put all my heart into everything I do. I'm whiskey in a teacup.

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