Soul Mates

Soul mates. That was on topic in my mind today. I am a romantic, without a doubt, but what is a soul mate? 

I got to thinking about that a lot today. How do you define a soul mate and how do you know you’ve found yours? Do we have just one soul mate or do we have a few? 

Is a soul mate the one who is exactly identical to who you are? 

Or is a soul mate more of a yin and yang kind of thing that balances you out? 

Will we just instantly connect?

Or will it be a friendship that has built over time? 

Do our soul mates gravitate towards us in the hands of faith? 

Or is it the person with the zodiac sign that is said to “be perfect with you”?

So many questions about soul mates, yet no real answers. As I sit here and think about it though, maybe everybody’s soul mate is different. Maybe my soul mate will be one who balances me out, because lord knows I need it. Maybe my soul mate right at this very moment is someone in my life. We never know, but wouldn’t we love to? 

If we all have soul mates, what happens if we never meet them? Will our heart always yearn for something we can’t seem to put our finger on? 

Maybe what a soul mate is, is just a person who strikes a match so fierce inside of us, whoever that is. It’s the one who is deeply rooted in our hearts. A soul mate isn’t just a fling, or an ordinary love, I believe. I believe a soul mate is somebody who knows you, inside and out and loves you unconditionally. 

For me, personally I believe my soul mate would have to be one that loves my stubbornness, who even though I get a little fiesty, will let me run my course and then calm me down. I believe it’ll be somebody who will hold my hand, but never drag me down. I believe my soul mate will be somebody who gets my crazy, who will laugh at my love of corny jokes and cupcakes. I believe my soul mate will not try to hold me down, but instead runs just as wild beside me because I am somebody who cannot be tamed. I believe my soul mate will love and be just as passionate as I am about life, about things that strike my fancy. My soul mate will be my travel buddy, my best friend, my lover, and most importantly somebody who makes me laugh. 

Then again, do we ever really, truly know who are soul mate is? Maybe it’s the person we least expected. 

Do you believe in soul mates? 

With all the love in my body, 

whiskeyinateacupp xo


Author: whiskeyinateacupp

Some days I'm raw. Some days I'm sweet. Some days I'm a fighter and other days, I'm a lover. I put all my heart into everything I do. I'm whiskey in a teacup.

9 thoughts on “Soul Mates”

  1. I can only say what my soulmate is like

    I started saving up to go to Sweden before I met Sam, I had this instinct that my soul mate was in Sweden.

    Sam found me randomly online and the first thing I ever said to him before I knew anything about him was Hello Love

    We connected very quickly after about 3 days of chatting he drained all the money he had to come to USA and see me. He stayed 14 days with my family

    The chemistry was obscene, intense. I chose not to have sex that first 2 weeks he was with me because I thought what if he leaves and I never see him again? I wanted my first time to be with the one I was going to grow old with and we were still teens, we didn’t even live in the same country, or have money so it seemed magical but impossible at the same time.

    He went back to Sweden. I had plans to go over Christmas but I decided I can’t wait. I dropped out of University which I had just started and used my financial aid money to go to Sweden.

    I lived with his family for 6 months. It was not easy his father strongly disapproved and caused a lot of drama.

    We came back to the USA got married we were 19. My mom planned our wedding in less than a week. She did approve (not of me dropping out of college and running off to another country but of Sam, she knew he was a good guy, the guy for me). We lived in the USA for 10 years and yes we got our college degrees together. We have since moved to Sweden again and have a daughter.

    We are opposite/compliments we are however both stubborn a good thing because if we weren’t we never would have held together with so many obstacles.

    Our Zodiac signs are not compatible at all haha

    We are really good friends and yes we fight and yes we’ve had some very difficult times that might have broken us up. So no it isn’t all flowers and sunshine, it isn’t always easy. We made sacrifices huge ones most people wouldn’t make we have given up all of our money, our close contact with family and friends, our countries we’ve made sacrifices I simply would not make for anyone else.

    I can be myself around him totally and we act like idiots together. He told me once that he is more comfortable with himself when he is with me than he is with himself when he is alone. Because I accept him and he can’t really accept himself.

    He gets things at the grocery store that I think of but don’t say out loud. If I think man I wish I had chocolate he brings chocolate home. I often make him coffee or tea before he asks for it because I just know. We know each other really well (like I pick up on his urges) but we still have to talk about feelings and issues we aren’t psychic! Just connected.

    I can’t stand to spend more than a few hours with anyone else but him, he is like the only person who I feel totally cool with having in my space.

    He has all my passwords he never reads my personal stuff but he could I don’t feel a need to hide or protect it. I can look at his email or cell he doesn’t care and sometimes asks me to check his emails. We respect each others privacy so even though I know his email password I would never read it unless he asked me to look at it

  2. I think we have many soul mates throughout our lives. We’ve just been blinded by growing up in a Disney movie generation, where we find our “one true love.” But, in fact, that’s not true at all and in fact misleading to hopeless romantics like ourselves. Every good relationship, even if it didn’t work out, serves a purpose for us. Love is not mandatory-it’s a choice. I believe you find your soul mate when you meet the person that has as much will power as you to not give up on each other and to work through any problem or roadblock in a healthy way. If someone gives up on you or doesn’t want to stay, vise versa, it wasn’t meant to be. It’s still hard to wrap my head around it all.

    1. i agree with disney and movies put out the wrong impression of love, i believe that relationships arent always perfect and youre going to argue, sometimes more than other couples but that doesnt mean you love each other any less! and your view is interesting i like it (: its hard for me to wrap my head around it all too

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