Why Are Men So Simple It’s Complicated?

I found myself thinking this out loud today. 

Why are men so damn simple it’s complicated? 

I met up with my best friend today at Starbucks, and chatted over coffee about our love life. That question just slipped right out and it makes me so frustrated. 

We, as women, tend to over think/over analyze/over play/worry/ and doubt EVERYTHING. I am guilty of this and will never deny it. It’s in our genes and DNA, unfortunately. If you a girl, and you don’t do any of these things, I am jealous of you to say the least. We don’t view things as simple, somehow in our minds, everything has to be complicated. If a man says something, to us there’s meaning behind it. And then we go into our moods trying to figure out and analyze what they said. 

Did they not mean anything at all by saying that?

And if they didn’t mean anything by it, then why would they say it?

But if they did mean it, what did they mean? 

And you know, all those questions that depend on the context and what they actually said. 

Like, for instance, in mine and my best friend’s cases the pet name “hun”. She is talking to a guy who is genuinely into her, and they’re both flirting and all that jazz. But he calls her “hun” all the time. Does this mean that he thinks of them as something more than just talking? Or is it just a way of flirting? He even has called her “babe” once. 

And for me, I am talking to a guy, just as friends… with some flirting? I wouldn’t call us “talking” seeing as he’s an old friend who is now in the Air Force in Texas. I don’t know what I would say we’re doing; it’s complicated kind of. (And there is a prime example of trying to over analyze something without even thinking about it). Anyways, he calls me “hun” all the time. What? Why? Is that his way of flirting? Does he think of us as “talking”? Does he not mean anything by it? Does he use it normally to most girls? Little background on him though, he’s not the type of guy to be flirting all over the place. He has never had sex or kissed a girl, not due to religious reasons but due to the fact that he wants to be loyal and faithful. He’s an amazing guy. So I’m very confused by “hun”, to say the least. 

                               P.S. – I am treading him very lightly, because like I said, he’s had no physical experience with girls, he is a great guy and I’ve done the whole show and he knows it. I don’t want to hurt him in any way, so I am taking the flirting very lightly until I know if I even like him in that way or not. 

But for guys, it’s all so simple. If they say one thing, they mean exactly what they’ve said. How is this so hard for us girls to wrap our brains around? Because it just doesn’t make sense to us. It CAN’T be that simple. Because us girls, when we say one thing… we don’t always mean it. Take, “I’m fine”. Oh no, we are not just fine when we say that. 

“Don’t worry, go ahead and do it” actually means don’t do it. 

Even though we know how simple guys are, we still can’t seem to grasp that fact. Which makes it all so frustrating because is a “hun” really just a “hun”? 

What are your thoughts on the meaning of this “hun”?

With all the love in my body, 

whiskeyinateacupp xo


Author: whiskeyinateacupp

Some days I'm raw. Some days I'm sweet. Some days I'm a fighter and other days, I'm a lover. I put all my heart into everything I do. I'm whiskey in a teacup.

17 thoughts on “Why Are Men So Simple It’s Complicated?”

  1. Idk about guys and their meaning of saying hun but I call everyone hun I used to call my ex “honey” not the abbrv hun….lol if thats not confusing idk what is lol

    1. yeah, i feel girls say it alot and its not a filler for somebodys name, but ive never heard a guy called a girl hun unless it actually means something!
      and if whats not confusing? hahaha sorry i didnt understand that!

  2. Ha-ha! Man oh man, you’ve described in perfect detail what drives us men bat-shit crazy about women. Why, why, why, why can’t women just say what they mean? That’s our lament. Why must we de-code everything they say? And then be forced to suffer the brutal consequences of de-coding it wrong… as we will invariably do. As to the use of hun – I tend to think of that as being a bit old-school and demeaning unless used between a close couple – but in this case sounds like a simple term of endearment – you know – of friendship. Maybe? 🙂

    1. haha i know it drives guys crazy! but if it drove you guys that crazy you wouldnt be dating us! (; but trust me, i hate it as much as you guys do! i dont have any more of the answers than you do and im a girl! itd be so nice if our brains didnt work like this! so sorry you have to put up with us ): hahaha kidding, but yeah ive heard it demeaning as well, but by his context its all very nice and endearing (: and thank gosh a guy put his input in! thank you for it!

  3. men are aggressive (straight up an can be straight forward), woman are passive aggressive a lot of meaning within what they’re saying, or not saying (generally)

    this post is interesting, i think it’s all mother nature “but” i mean ya… learning how a girls mind works is a full full FULL time job lmao

    honesty is the best policy really, and once 2 people can see eye to eye? it clears up a lot of misunderstood messages an information 🙂

      1. Life is oh so colourful isn’t it? Lol our experience with life never grows old… take life on with a smile 🙂

  4. I have started to take on a more masculine style of communication. I say clearly what I want and need. It is so liberating!!! I am now at a point where I know what I want in my life and who I am. In the past I let my shyness silence me. I didn’t stand up for myself and created understandings. I just don’t want that kind of drama, excitement/adventure yes but drama no. I also hate the whole passive aggressive component that comes from playing the martyr. If I have a question I ask it. I attract shy, intelligent, inexperienced guys and in every instance no matter how agonizingly shy they are they have asked me out, expressed their feelings. A guy will pursue a girl he is interested in, in a strait forward fashion. If he does not pursue than he is not interested. Of course girls can ask guys out but I am just saying that guys are obvious. If he likes you he’ll tell you so. Usually it doesn’t take them long to do it either.

    1. i am so jealous of you to be able to act that way! good for you and keep it up! i’m a bit on both sides, just depends on the situation. and thats true about guys pursuing if theyre interested or not pursuing if theyre not interested (:

  5. Hahaha I’m sorry– it’s just so funny and so true. I’ve learned not to ask my boyfriend what he’s thinking because he will almost always say “Nothing.” Now I just tease him and if we’re laying there or something I’ll pretend to read his mind and say “CEILING CEILING CEILING” because that’s all that’s going on in there 😉

    As far as the “hun” thing, I wouldn’t read too much into it. It may be a habit or something, and it’s likely just a term of familiarity if the two of you haven’t ever really stated your feelings/intentions outright.

    Oh, men.. such simple creatures 😉

    1. hahah its okay! it is kind of funny though! and right? its like how can you be thinking nothing? thats impossible! at least to me anyways! hahaha and thats true (: i’m not reading into it anymore and youre probably right (:
      and agreed! soooo simple!

      1. I was blabbing on to the boyfriend yesterday about how I need to lose X number of pounds and then someday if I get pregnant I’ll just look how I look now and on and on about fat and all this random stuff and I paused and he just goes “Look… a jeep.” That’s all he had for me. Love it.

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