Men in Uniform

Army boy, oh army boy. 

There is something so delicious about a man in uniform, and unfortunately for me, I was caught up in his trap. 

I go through stages of hating him, being angry with him and thinking he’s such a jerk and then the next thing I know, I’m thinking I still like him, I would still talk to him, I would go out with him. 

Not long ago, I was making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and while I was putting on the jelly I was taking out my anger on the bread and jelly just thinking about how he could lie and use me like that. The jelly nor the bread deserved to have that taken out on it! 

And then a bit after that, I had a dream. I had a very realistic dream that he broke up with his girlfriend, texted me and I came over to his base housing and we hung out and talked and made out and got together and I was so happy. It filled me with joy and butterflies because he chose me. It was so realistic, when I woke up, I checked the social media sites to see if he had broken up with her and much to my heart wishing and hoping, he hadn’t. In fact, she posted a status saying she loved him. 


That was not a fun thing to wake up to. I am literally cringing my jaw just thinking about the situation. 

Oh, those men in uniform. Darn them. Darn them. Darn them. 

Making girls take out their anger on their poor sandwiches. 

I hope he realizes what he did. 

I hope she never makes him a sandwich. 

I hope that if she does, he’ll realize that she doesn’t put quite as much feelings and emotions as I put into my sandwiches. 

With all the love in my body (and my sandwiches), 

whiskeyinateacupp xo


Author: whiskeyinateacupp

Some days I'm raw. Some days I'm sweet. Some days I'm a fighter and other days, I'm a lover. I put all my heart into everything I do. I'm whiskey in a teacup.

4 thoughts on “Men in Uniform”

  1. Aaaawwww…I feel ya! This reminds me of two songs. 1) You Oughta Know – Alanis and 2) Jessie – Carly Simon.

    I dated an Army guy once and had a similar experience. But…I say, kick him to the curb!

  2. Hahaha I love the mixture of legit heartache and sandwich humor.
    I hate waking up from dreams and finding out that some awesome happening was never really true.
    You keep making those sandwiches, girl. Someday a guy will appreciate them for all their feelings.

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