Bucket Full of Classy

I was nervous. There were butterflies in my stomach. After all, it had been months since I’d seen him. Okay, maybe only since mid-August, but lately that seems like a million years ago. 

He was waiting for his friends to leave, so that I could come over. My heart was racing. Never had I done this before. Sure, I’d snuck over just in a car. But now I was the one sneaking in a window. 

Finally, he texted me about 1:45 AM. I grabbed my keys, my phone, threw on some “quick” clothes and left. It was freezing and I was shaking just from the ten foot walk from the car. I thought to myself, “The things we do for a booty call. I’m freezing my ass off just so I didn’t have to add more layers on” Classy, right? 

I pulled up to his street and parked just as he was calling me. Clumsy me I dropped the phone out of my hand and it slipped in between the seat and the center console. I figured this was just my luck and hope the night didn’t go like this. It took my a minute or two just to get it out. I’m so clumsy. 

I called him back. “You’re going to have to sneak in through the window” 


I didn’t sign up for this. Although, I guess I did. A booty call at 1:45 in the morning. That’s kind of asking me to be put in these types of positions. 

I got to the window. Let me explain this the best I can. I’m somewhat short, kind of. So, in front of his raised window is a ledge with some type of flower bed between it and the wall. Oy. I threw my leg up over into the window and he was kind enough to take my phone and keys and help me through the window. He is really nice. 

However, right inside his window is a desk and a chair. The obstacles we will climb in order to be with a boy. Literally and figuratively. It didn’t help that his room was a mess with a bunch of wires right where I landed inside the room. To his defense though, he is out from 6AM to about 10:30PM five days a week, so I let it all slide. 

No time wasted, we got down to business. He’s a really good kisser. And his hands. And him. Boy oh boy. 

So afterwards, we’re laying there. And it was like deja vu. Almost a little weird. 

Drug Inc. was on TV, which my ex favorited a lot at night. And country boy seemed into it. 

Second, he had his hand lightly on my back in the place that gets sensitive. It’s like he knew somehow or maybe this is just a normal place to rest his hand on a girls back. But it happened to be my sensitive spot. 

It was about this time I sensed something going on here.

And then, his foot started bouncing up and down as he was laying on the edge of the bed with one arm behind his head.

D did that. He laid exactly that way and because he couldn’t keep his foot still, he ALWAYS bounced it. Just like country boy was doing.

I’m not sure if these were signs or just plain coincidences.

I feel if they are signs, they could be good. Because it all felt normal to me. It felt like I belonged there. It was right. There’s something about country boy, and there always has been.

From his last name being my go to last name whenever I don’t want to put my real last name.

From the way we have the same kind of sense of humor.

From the fact he listens to country.

From the fact that last night seemed so familiar and comforting with my head on his chest and his hand on that spot on my back.

It was getting late, so I told him I’d go so he could get some sleep. So we got dressed and out the window I went. This time, my foot landed in the flower bed and country boy tried to help me out as I struggled. Oy. Embarrassing.

Last night was just a bucket full of classy.  

With all the love in my body, 

whiskeyinateacupp xo


Author: whiskeyinateacupp

Some days I'm raw. Some days I'm sweet. Some days I'm a fighter and other days, I'm a lover. I put all my heart into everything I do. I'm whiskey in a teacup.

13 thoughts on “Bucket Full of Classy”

    1. yeah it went alright (: he said thered be another time so hopefully he meant it! haha
      and well, like i said im young, only 18, in three to four months ill be 19, and hes 21 living at home! sooo that explains the sneaking in! haha

      1. it really was, also almost falling out the window at the end? went out with a bang hahaha, thank god hes so nice and tried to help me! and you did? oh no! im sure you got some other good experiences then (: and yessss, he does, well we both live at home haha and you guessed right! ): hahaha

  1. My favorite line in this very funny post? “From his last name being my go to last name whenever I don’t want to put my real last name.” Ha! I love it. It’s a bucket full of classy.

    1. hahaha thank you!
      i just find it seriously funny that his last name is the the same fake last name i use! obviously, it sounds good (; hahaha kidding, and yes that is generally my life story a bucket full of classy! haha
      makes things more interesting though!

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