Your Foundation

Some people strive for perfection. They try to reach this unattainable goal of being… well, perfect. They try to look like the people in the magazines who don’t even look like the people in the magazines. It’s called air brush, photo shop, makeup and hair artists, stylists, camera angles, plastic surgery and the whole shebang. They try to not have any flaws about them and be on their A game 24/7 365. It’s sad, in my opinion. Nobody is perfect in any way, shape or form. It just doesn’t work like that. 

However, we can be the best that we each can personally be. We shouldn’t be afraid to admit our flaws and mistakes because everybody has them. 



I am challenged with directions. Even with a smartphone, I will still get lost, it’s inevitable. It’s kind of funny. Whoever marries me is going to have to love this or get a kick out of it. 

You do not want to see me in busy parking lots or when people drive badly. I have road rage. My friend laughs at me and feels my nerves. 

I love to sing. I will serenade you in the car, in public, I serenade my shower and myself, as well. Except for one tiny fact. I can’t even sing, not even close but I will still belt out every note… or lack thereof, on my part. 

I struggled with very low self-esteem, an eating disorder and depression (and still do from time to time). 

I can laugh very loudly. 

I like to make things awkward in public, and I do a good job of it. 

I am so clumsy, it’s not even funny. I would say at least once a day I somehow trip or hurt myself. 

I have a bad memory. 

I can be stubborn. 

I’m a bit of a wild child. 

I cuss a lot sometimes. 

Sometimes I just like to stay at home. 

I don’t always look my best or even close. 

I have a really dirty sense of humor… it’s really bad. 

I drink too much coffee. 

I don’t always eat healthy.



And so many more, I can’t even count. But somebody out there will accept them and love me no matter what. Everybody has flaws and quirks to them, but that’s what makes you you. I’m not afraid to say the things that make up who I am. 

Your flaws, quirks, uniqueness, mistakes… those are your foundations. That is something you build upon. Every foundation that has been through a lot, had a bunch of traffic way on it, or has moved around, is gonna have a few cracks in it. But that’s okay. Somebody will love your cracks, every single bit of them. They will still live there, they will make a home on your foundation. They will work around them, because even though there are cracks does not mean there is no beauty. Even with what seems to be a perfect home, the foundation or some part of it is going to have a couple cracks. 

Love yourself. 

I dare you. 

Every. Single. Bit of it. 

With all the love in my body, 

whiskeyinateacupp xo



Author: whiskeyinateacupp

Some days I'm raw. Some days I'm sweet. Some days I'm a fighter and other days, I'm a lover. I put all my heart into everything I do. I'm whiskey in a teacup.

12 thoughts on “Your Foundation”

  1. You have some cute quirks, we actually share a lot of those hah. You’re right though, it’s going to be a great feeling when we find that person who is just accepting and loving of all of our self perceived flaws and imperfections. Love is a funny thing, some of us search for it for a good amount of our lives. Sometimes I wonder if I missed my chance.

    1. really? well thank you! haha alot of people find them annoying ): haha and which ones?(: and it is! we all have somebody out there who loves us for us! love is a funny thing, its a really powerful thing too! i dont think you did, if it wasnt meant to be then she wasnt the right one (: just give it some time, sometimes love comes to us unexpectedly! and if she is the right one, shell come back eventually

      1. Oh the people that don’t appreciate the little things suck, sod them! Oh and I guess there are plenty:
        I love singing, often just in a jokey high pitched tone around people. Depression and low self-esteem are a constant up and down battle for me too. I actually enjoy making things awkward in public with certain people!
        My memory is awful, I’m super stubborn, I stay at home way too much, have a dirty mind. Drink wayyyy too much coffee.
        Oh and my metabolism is so amazing that I can eat what I want. I’m currently wearing girls size 8 (Which I recently worked out is your size 6 I think!?) skinny jeans, Hate away!

      2. the little things are everything! and oh wow we do have alot in common! hahaha but hey makes life more interesting, right? hahah
        and luckyyyyy, i wish i had a high metabolism ): although i heard coffee boosts it sooo yay? if thats true! haha
        and i have no idea how jean sizes work! hahah no hating here!

      3. I had no idea about the coffee boosting metabolism deal?! Is that a thing? haha
        It’s cool to find people as quirky as me 😉
        and oh, essentially I have a build that girls are commonly envious of. But it aint all that great on a guy!

      4. i hope its a thing! but you dont need it! hahaha save the coffee for us folks who do! kidding! hahaha coffee is sent from the heavens! haha
        and yeah right? it makes things way more interesting!
        hahaha well hey work with what ya got!

  2. Heck yeah, embrace thos quirks! That’s what sets you apart from the lemmings and it feels sooo good when you find someone who will just watch you doing something awkward or inappropriate and just be like “weird…” and then cuddle you. Hahahaha but really, that’s love 😉

  3. I argue that perfection is itself imperfect because it can’t bring happiness.

    Pretend that you hit your version of perfection right now. You look perfect, act perfect, have the perfect life and the perfect job. All you’ve ever wanted you have. You want no more. You have no more personal goal to strive for because you’ve met them all.

    What now? What do you do with you life?

    Being perfect must be a unique kind of boring.

    1. that is really an interesting way of thinking about that, i never thought of it that way! youre right though, we all need goals in life to keep us going! we all need mistakes, fails, wins, and goals to make things interesting! perfection is boring

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