Balls To The Wall

Writing this post in class (go me) because today has been amazing and I couldn’t wait to share it. 

So, I wake up. It’s cloudy and cold outside. To me, that’s a perfect way to wake up. It just sets the right mood for the day, because I am a fan of colder weather. Well, as cold as it can get in Southern California. 

Secondly, I am scrolling through my Facebook news feed and I stumble upon a status update from my elementary school crush, the one I recently started talking to. Guess who’s coming back to live in California? Yup, that’s right. He is. This could be very exciting and he arrives back home December 4th. How crazy would it be if I ended up with a guy who I liked the beginning of elementary school? How adorable! Please tell me this isn’t cute. The one with the perfect name.. 

So, then I’m driving through a section of my city that has like a strip mall with Target, Nordstrom Rack, Kohls, and all that type of fun stuff. I notice they’re putting a Panera restaurant in. Oh. My. God. Panera is one of my favorite restaurants EVER. Broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl? Uh, hell yes? Or their mac n cheese… or their turkey sandwiches… or their paninis… or their smoothies. Just amazing, really. 

Lastly. Oh, Hobby Lobby boy. My best friend and I marched in there with my lady balls. We were walking down the edge of the store looking for him, thinking he might not be there because we hadn’t seen him yet and bam! The wild Hobby Lobby boy appears. My friend jokingly says hi, and he doesn’t hear her. She says it just a tiny bit louder again and he turns his head! He was a good six or seven big aisles away. He has the hearing of a dog, I swear. Makes me wonder if he ever heard us talking about him… because we totally have. I was so embarrassed, naturally we busted up laughing and took a sharp right turn into the nearest aisle to hide ourselves. After that, I wasn’t so sure I could talk to him. So, we went to the section where we were going to buy our supplies and he walks by a few times and I just lower my head. 

As if that’s going to make me disappear. Can I just be like an ostrich and stick my head in the ground? Where’d whiskeyinateacupp go? 

Yeah. I wish. So, we get our supplies and leave to go checkout and we’re looking for him. We turn around and there he is… walking towards us. 

Oh boy. It’s time. 

He walks closer. 

“Hey ladies.” He says. 

And I just go for it. 

“Hi, um, this might sound crazy but I was wondering if you’re single, or if you’re seeing somebody or have a girlfriend?” 

Way to make a great first impression, whiskey. 

He smiles. I think he’s not as outgoing as apparently I am. 

He’s single. 

And guess who got Hobby Lobby boy’s number?

This girl did! 

Must be some charm I have because I sure as hell wasn’t smooth about it. 

After we were done exchanging numbers, I was shaking so badly. Pretty sure I was blushing too. 

And now the waiting game for me to text him. Today could not be any better. Finally! 

I did a happy dance in my head as my balls hit the wall. 

With all the love in my body, 

whiskeyinateacupp xo


Author: whiskeyinateacupp

Some days I'm raw. Some days I'm sweet. Some days I'm a fighter and other days, I'm a lover. I put all my heart into everything I do. I'm whiskey in a teacup.

12 thoughts on “Balls To The Wall”

  1. Oh awesome, it’s actually really cool to see that a girl is okay to approach a guy like this. You’ve earned my respect :3 No girl has ever had the balls to ask me out in 22 years. Even if they’ve made it super obvious.
    I hope he doesn’t do the dumb “Three day rule” bullshit and wait to text you. It’s so dumb, I always message a girl the same day I get her number because I’m obviously into her?! Is that so difficult to do for other guys? *sigh*

    1. thank you! hahaha im trying to become more outgoing, i always see cute guys but i never do anything about it and im damn tired of it! and really? ever? thats crazy! im all about if a girl wants to make the first move she should, guys dont always have to be the first to do it!
      and he didnt, mostly because he gave me his number, so i texted him a few hours ago and weve texted a few messages but hes still at work! hahaha and he responded with “hey gorgeous how are you?” sooo he doesnt think im a total creep, whew!
      and right? that only makes sense you wouldnt wait three days to text a person youre into!
      and yes for some it is unfortunately!

      1. Amen, more girls should think like that and actually act on it! But yeah I’ve always been the one to approach girls without much embarrassment anyway, worst case scenario is a girl that isn’t interested shuts you down and you likely never see her again!
        He clearly likes you and doesn’t think you’re a creeper haha 😀 Good news there. I once had this massive debate with a mate of mine about the three day lord it’s dumb.

      2. they should! because they always complain about guys never doing it, but its a two way street! haha, but thats good with not as much embarrassment!
        and thats true, and then on to the next! hahaha no pain no gain!
        and he doesnt! weve been talking all weekend whew! thank god i grew a pair hahaha
        and really? like why is that even a rule? i mean i get not appearing needy and desperate but come oooon, three days is a bit much! i would be so uninterested after that! wouldnt you think so too? hahaha

      3. Apparently that’s a rule, people are morons! I’ve never stuck to that one haha, though I can’t say that has given me the best results 😉
        Well done though, I’m real happy for you being so ballsy.

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