The Soft Hum

The sun starts to set, a golden sunrise producing the rainbow in the sky. The clouds are a hot pink, the sky behind it is shades of blue, green, yellow and orange. Then the sun sets more, becoming pink and the sky turns a dark blue and a purple. It’s gorgeous, really. One of the most amazing things we can see in a lifetime. A sunset holds so much to me, so much passion. It comes and goes right before your eyes, but while it’s there it’s wondrous. If I could see one thing for the rest of my life, it would be sunsets. 

But then comes night. I am in love with night. 

The sunset is the last big bang of the day, but the night rolls in. 

People get quiet, traffic slows down, lights come on, a light breeze rolls in and twinkling stars shine in the vast sky. There’s so much about the sky, about the world at night. Some people will never really understand or stop a moment to take it in. 

Night has a slow pace, but at the same time it is so amazing. It engulfs us. Listen, smell, feel and see the night, if you can. 

Listen to the distant and soft sounds of airplanes going on their journeys in the sky. Listen to a car every now and then passing by, the soft and slow hum of the engine. Listen to the crickets chirping, slowly fading away night by night as we head into winter. Listen to the soft radio on in the car. 

And while you listen to all that, smell the crisp air. Smell the fires burning in homes, one of the best smells of fall and winter to me. As soon as it gets dark, you can always smell firewood burning. Smell the freshness of everything because somehow daytime smells different. It’s stuffy. Night is so open, so vast, so mysterious. 

Feel the openness. Feel how big this world and place really is. There’s so much to feel at night, so many emotions. We all feel them late at night. From the burning hate, to that burning passion. Nighttime is honest, there is a security in the night. It’s like a blanket that we hide under. Our emotions take over. We hate, we love, we have a fiery passion, we have a need, we have a want. We have the craving of wanting to be touched, to be held, to feel skin next to us. We crave to hit something and blow up like a volcano. But that’s okay, because we have emotions. We feel. The night will wash away all the pain, and give us hope for the next day. Night washes away everything from the day before, and during the night, it preps us to begin again for the next day. 

But if you can see the night, you will see it all without seeing anything and with seeing everything all at the same time. Look up at the sky. You can see all the amazing, beautiful, shining stars. Millions of years old, but so many wishes and hopes and prayers go up into them. You can see all of those, all of the wishing upon a stars. Each and every one of those stars have been hoped on. See the dark sky as the backdrop for even darker mountains pressed up against it. See the moon hanging in the sky, so silent and so strong and so soft. The  brightness of it illuminating everything down on the ground. See all the lovers kissing underneath it. See the moon peeking through the blinds into the window of the room. See the tousling of the sheets between people, or the tears being shed. See the hope and the burning need for a miracle to happen. See the water of an ocean glistening beneath it, rippling softly. See the city lights down below, sparkling in all their glory. 

See all the first kisses happening. See cars steaming up in a parking lot. See somebody taking a walk, hugging themselves tight because nobody else will. See the couple fighting, screaming, crying and getting angry. See me, the girl who grew courage and changed in the moment when I threw that glass bottle of soda at the ground with such a force with the realization that my life was changing and it was officially over between my ex and I. See the shatters and pieces of glass fly everywhere, and an explosion of liquid. See the leaves falling slowly and silently, hitting the ground only to be blown away in that light breeze. 

Because in the morning, it will all be gone.

There is such an honesty in the night. It’s so beautiful, so tragic, so amazing, so mysterious. Lovely. 

Night is like the soft hum of our favorite song. 

It’s the white static on the radio. 

It’s the magical inspiration. 

It’s the tears shed. 

It’s kisses made. 

It’s everything in between. 

With all the love in my body, 

whiskeyinateacupp xo


Author: whiskeyinateacupp

Some days I'm raw. Some days I'm sweet. Some days I'm a fighter and other days, I'm a lover. I put all my heart into everything I do. I'm whiskey in a teacup.

4 thoughts on “The Soft Hum”

  1. I have no clue how old you are, but lemme tell you, that is some profound thinkin’ there! To be able to let go of the expectations is HUGE! I’m…well, let’s just say I’m no spring chicken and it’s still a hard concept for me in some areas of my life. Not with men – I got that tackled. But with myself. I can’t seem to wrangle this one, and it really screws with me. You are so right that it’s freeing on so many levels to just let it go. Some days I can. Some days it paralyzes me.

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