Part Two: Momma Mia

Meeting the parents. 

We’ve all been there. That place is nerve-wracking, anxiety provoking and throw up worthy. 

Especially if you’re a girl who is stealing a mom’s only son, whom she is very proud of and he happens to be in the Air Force. 

To her, you’re a little boy stealing, slut who just comes in and takes away her only son. 

That was me. I was that girl. 

Driving to the park to meet his mom and step dad, my mind was full of clutter, my heart pumping and my hands shaking. I knew his mom was a very strong lady, mentally wise. But I also knew she was very nice and sweet. I get there and it seems to be somewhat fine. She complimented me on my eyes, and I complimented her back for looking so young for her age, which she does. His step dad seems to be really cool and laid back. I then went back to their home to meet his three sisters, and one of the sister’s baby. His mom was talking with me, I was talking with one of the sisters and it was somewhat good. Then my nice guy suggests we go, because he wants to return a shirt that was really oversized. 

So, we go to the mall and are in and out between a couple of stores next to each other while he picks out some shirts. Then he ends up losing his wallet somehow, and somebody took it because we couldn’t find it. 

In his wallet, he had a bunch of cash, his credit card, his military ID and his social security card. First thing I told him to do was cancel his card. I knew on the inside he was freaking out but on the outside he kept calm. 

Due to my past experiences with my ex, I was waiting for the big freak out and for him to get extremely pissed and just shut down. 

But he didn’t. I cannot tell you how refreshing that was and just another reason why I love him. 

I took him to a restaurant called Panera (one of my absolute favorites) and bought him food for a change. He ended up loving it, and then I took him to that really romantic spot that overlooks some city lights with a little pond right below. It’s pretty peaceful and quiet and we talked, kissed and hung out. It was romantic and perfect with the moon looking down on us and him hugging me from behind. Thankfully, all of that calmed him down a bit. 

I learned some very disappointing news, though. Before his mom even met me, she already didn’t like me. 

Because I’m white. Mr. Nice Guy comes from a Hispanic family, even though he’s lighter skinned, some of his family is not. She seemed to be the only one who had a problem with me though because I’m white. 

Secondly, he didn’t spend much time with his family even though I told him too. She felt like he was abandoning her to be with me. 

Jesus. Thirdly, she’s going through menopause. 

I have it all going against me, really. 

She actually messaged me yesterday, a kind of rude message actually. 

The back story to what she’s saying is when Scott was looking for a shirt, he got down on one knee and I joked about him proposing to me. We went back to my house real quick so I could grab something and told my mom about the joke. Then it got to the topic on marrying and a good age and all that relationship/long distance stuff. I told her my ideal age to be married is no earlier than 26. 

So, my nice guy apparently went home and was telling his mom about this. 

I wake up to a message from her through Facebook saying “do me a favor and please do not try to get him to marry you just yet”. That’s how the message started and she basically said after that he’s too young and we’ve only been together a short time. His friends aren’t there for him the way his “real” family is. Then she asked me to stop texting him about it through my Facebook message box (whatever that meant, because I hadn’t posted anything about it at all on Facebook even through messaging) and then she said thank you. 

I responded back to her, very politely reassuring her telling her thatmarriage is the last thing on my mind and I’m not trying to steal her son away from her. There was no response back, which my nice guy said is good because it means I’ve made my point. He did however call her, and told her that it was time for him to grow up and he can’t be stuck in that place forever. 

She then proceeded to take away his bed at home and everything that she provides to him since he is so “grown up” now. I felt so terrible for him, but he said she would have done this with any girl. 

Monday was his last day here. On the way to his place to see him off really quick, my mood was fine even though a part of me was sad he had to leave. I didn’t feel any water works, or even thought I would cry. 

I got there and he came out to meet me in his uniform. 

Swoon. Again. 

So we’re walking a little bit, and then comes time to say goodbye. 

Boom. There goes the water works. 

I normally don’t cry in front of people because I always like to appear steady, calm and cool as a cucumber, but I couldn’t stop the tears from coming. All I wanted him to do was stay here, though I know he had to go back up. 

Thankfully in front of him, it was mostly just a few tears rolling down the cheek and it was hard to talk. 

When I got back in the car though, that’s when I really started crying. Monday I was pretty much exhausted from the weekend and so sad that he was gone. I was in bed all day, watching TV and sleeping. It was a very sad day. 

He ended up calling me once he got back to base and just hearing him on the phone made me cry. I wasn’t in the mood to talk, even though all I wanted was for him to be by my side. 

To top Monday off, our hot water went out. So that resulted in no shower after a long weekend, and washing my hair in ice cold water that felt like pins and needles going into my skull. 

Tuesday was a lot better though and I have made a full recovery. I’m still sad that he’s not here and his hand isn’t right next to mine whenever I need to hold it, but it’s one more day down until I get to see him again. 

Overall, our bond grew stronger and the weekend was one of the best weekends of my life. 

We started off as good friends and worked our way to lovers. Now, I consider him my best friend and lover all in one. 

Anytime we say something that upsets the other a little, we talk about it and a few minutes later we’re all good. We get over the stupid, trivial things fast and then we’re right back to joking around and flirting. Him and I both have this feeling that we’re going to be a great couple and I have a lot of faith in us. 

I hope all of you guys have had an amazing weekend and your weeks are going great and I look forward to catching up with all of you! 

With all the love in my body, 

whiskeyinateacupp xo


Author: whiskeyinateacupp

Some days I'm raw. Some days I'm sweet. Some days I'm a fighter and other days, I'm a lover. I put all my heart into everything I do. I'm whiskey in a teacup.

6 thoughts on “Part Two: Momma Mia”

  1. I am so happy for you! Congrats on so many levels 🙂 Long distance relationships can be some of the toughest to be in but they can also be the most cemented, respectful, playful and loving too. I am very excited for you ❤ -K

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